Jack White was Amazing

What a fucking show. Me and my buddies were on the balcony in the back row of the entire venue. But we didn’t care, we were still rocking out and having a great time.


3 songs into the set, someone comes up to us. “How many guys are you with? “There’s 4 of us.” “I have tickets for you.” “Where?” “Right here, they’re on the floor.” “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?!?” “Because! You guys are in the back row! Come with me!” 

So we’re going nuts at this point. It just seems insane that this is happening. Then we find out the seats are second row floor! Later in the show we saw the guy who gave us the tickets on stage, working with the guitars. So he worked for Jack White! The tickets must have been set aside by White to give to some kids who would love it in the back of the venue. That, or maybe he had tickets set aside for friends who didn’t show so he told the guys to give someone in the back the tickets. Either or, holy fucking shit. What an experience. 

People tell me all the time I waste money on concerts. But you cannot put a price on an experience like last night. Unbelievable. He played about 10 White Stripes songs and was just rocking the fuck out all night. Words cannot describe the epicness of the whole crowd singing Seven Nation Army during the encore. Holy fuck. And then he closed with a cover of “Goodnight Irene,” and there was one point during the song where the crowd was COMPLETELY silent while Jack was singing alone. I have NEVER seen that at a concert before.

Thank you Jack White. And thank you kind man who gave me and my friends the experience of a lifetime.

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